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ABRAMIS BRAMA • biography and timeline 1998-2020
Abramis Brama, after the Latin name for the fish bream, was formed in the southern parts of Stockholm and has been playing heavy, ecstatic, riff-oriented hard rock since the end of the 90s - but with Swedish lyrics, which was quite unusual at the time. The quartet consisting of bassist/singer Dennis Berg, guitarist Peo Andersson, drummer Fredrik Jansson and original singer Christian Andersen first recorded a 12-song demo in April 1998, from which the song "Mamma talar" was immediately picked up by P3 Rock. The debut album "Dansa tokjävelns vals" followed in 1999, but shortly after its release, Ulf Torkelsson (formerly in Sunflower) took over the microphone and has been the band's front man ever since.

The second album "När tysnaden lagg sig..." followed in early 2001 and contains several of the band's classic songs plus a translation of The Pretty Things' "Cold Stone", renamed "Kall som sten". Covers of songs by Captain Beyond and the pioneers November (who in the late 60s were the first hard rock band to sing in Swedish) were released on tribute discs and vinyl singles. After persistent nagging from the then record company to do something in English, new lyrics were written for selected songs from the first two albums. These were re-recorded with producer Per Wikström and released as the album "Nothing Changes" in November 2003. Jonas Kullhammar appeared on flute in one song.

On "Rubicon", released in early 2005, the language was once again Swedish.

The record received a lot of attention and was pressed on vinyl in a limited edition that quickly sold out. Robert Johansson from tour friends Backdraft joined as extra guitarist. Soon Fredrik Jansson left the band for Witchcraft (he can be found today in Lugnet and Angel Witch). Fredrik Liefvendahl (formerly in Grand Magus) replaced Jansson and made his record debut in 2007 on the album "Live!". The next album, "Smakar söndag" was produced together with Backdraft singer Jonas Åhlén, released in 2009 and nominated for P3 Gold.

Guitarist Robert Johansson left Abramis Brama in 2011, but instead of replacing him, they chose to continue as a quartet with Peo Andersson handling all the guitar playing.

Dennis Berg, founder of the band, quit after a European tour in the fall of 2012, which culminated with a performance on the legendary German TV show Rockpalast.
The band had already started writing and planning for a new studio album, whereby new bassist Mats Rydström joined (also from Backdraft, now also in Avatarium and in Conny Bloom's Swedish-language solo band). The recordings for the sixth studio album "Enkel biljett" took place in their own newly built studio in collaboration with Mats Torkelsson, Ulf's brother who has long accompanied him as a sound engineer on countless tours.

The title track "Enkel biljett" was released on a split single with Norwegian friends Black Debbath in January 2014 and the album of the same name followed in May. The record was hailed by the band's fans, as well as by both Swedish and international press, as one of the band's greatest moments. Since then, Abramis Brama has toured Sweden and played at festivals such as Sweden Rock Festival (for the fourth time), Metallsvenskan, Getaway and Krökbacken. And upon returning to Germany, for the Aquamaria festival in the fall of 2017, it was also clear that good rock'n'roll itself is a universal language.

In the spring of 2018, the band signed a contract with the record company Black Lodge Records and Sound Pollution Distribution, which released the studio album "Tusen år", which landed in 2nd place on the top charts for vinyl, physical sales and hard rock, and was later nominated for the Manifest Prize. Starting in November 2019, exactly 20 years after the release of the debut album "Dansa tokjävlens vals", the entire back catalog will begin to be released on vinyl - monthly in turn - with previously unreleased bonus tracks.



"The most infectious, inspiring, playful Swedish rock band I've seen in a very long time. Just what 2022 needs.”
- Jan Gradvall
– delivers a much-needed electric shock to the rock world
The Småland rock sensation STRÖM from Växjö has caused quite a stir with its catchy, modern, stylish and spot-on rock'n'roll with lyrics in Swedish. With a debut recording bursting with high voltage - mixed and mastered by Johan Forsman Löwenström, who has previously worked with Håkan Hellström, Weeping Willows, The Soundtrack of our Lives and more - Zdravko Zizmond (vocals), Calle Sjöqvist (guitar), Johan Siljedahl (guitar), Joel Carnstam (bass) and Tomas Salonen (drums) aim to become Sweden's new favorite band. The rock is raw and loving with great ambitions to rule in its own way, in true Småland spirit.

Musically, you can of course pull the AC/DC card, but with the band name STRÖM, anyone understands that the loving reference is completely intentional. In addition, it is easy to name-drop other similes if you feel like it: eighties-Kiss, early The Darkness, Airbourne, Hardcore Superstar, Guns 'n' Roses when they were good, Bon Jovi when they were good, Backyard Babies, Krokus, Sator, The thunder train, yes, you get the idea. Someone said the song sounds like a young Roffe Wikström, another thought there are similarities with seventies-Magnus Uggla, Wilmer X, Noice and Hoola Bandoola Band. Just outside Sweden's borders, there are more sources of inspiration such as Danish (DAD, Pretty Maids) and Norwegian (Turbonegro around "Scandinavian leather", etc.).

But here comes the best of all - STRÖM doesn't sound like any of these, rather like all of them at the same time. And sings in sounding Småland. That's where the secret and charm lies, what makes the audience fall like a furor (apart from the almost surprising good live performances, of course) and which means that the band is predicted a completely brilliant future with a very wide audience of all ages.

STRÖM was formed in 2019 and will release their debut album on September 23, 2022 via the long-established Swedish record company Sound Pollution. The band is represented by All Things Live for live bookings and Sony Music Publishing on the publishing side.

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