kreativt Göteborg

Centrally Located In The Heart of Gothenburg

Inside the moat in the middle of the city center, you will find Sticky Fingers' large premises on 4 floors. 


Kaserntorget 7, 411 18,  Gothenburg

Nearest Stops for Public Transport 

  • Grönsakstorget (250m walkway)

  • Domkyrkan  (approx. 300m walkway)

  • Hagakyrkan  (approx. 400m walkway)

Nearest Styr Och Ställ Stations

  • Grönsakstorget (250m walkway)

  • Kungsgatan / Telekasern  (approx. 150-200m walkway)

  • Domkyrkan (approx. 400m walkway)

Nearest Parking

  • Grönsakstorget (250m walkway)

  • Pedagogen, Sahlgrensgatan 4 (approx. 250m walkway)

  • Kungsgaraget, Ekelundsgatan 5 (approx 200m walkway)


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Office Hours

Monday -  Friday:

9 am to 5 pm