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konsert Göteborg

Lamb Of God + Creator



December 19, 2022


18.30 - 23.30

(special guest Thy Art Is Murder + Gatecreeper 2022)

An unimaginably strong package consisting of American Lamb Of God, German Kreator and American Power Trip is coming to Sweden for an exclusive gig.

Since their breakthrough with "New American Gospel" from 2000, Lamb Of God has been one of the brightest stars among hard American metal. They have toured with most of the big bands in the genre and we last saw them in Sweden this summer when they played together with Behemoth at Partille Arena.

Kreator was formed in 1982 in Essen and with records like "Pleasure To Kill" and "Terrible Certainty" they quickly established themselves as one of European thrash metal's biggest bands. They are rightly seen as legends in thrash.

As a band, we see Thy Art Is Murder and Gatecreeper

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