konsert Göteborg


June 22, 2022


6 pm - 9 pm

Big season finale of Lester with guests - a crazy trash talk show with unsuspecting guests, live music, anxious humor and crazy elements - all under the direction of Cicero Lester Hjerdt directly from Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg.

We are of course warming up with a classic IQ-QUIZ to call in the intelligence quota of the audience.

House band for the evening is a wing-cut Barbados and wide-jawed sidekick is Pipistrello from Mix Megapol.

Expect everything from quizzes in Glenn knows the most, miffo surveys, mentally ill magic and tons of other knick-knacks.

Cost: SEK 100


Guest: Janne Schaffer (Guitar God)
Guest: Thomas Ravelli (Caretaker)
Sidekick: Pipistrello
Husband: Crazy Lager from Barbados
Ciceron: Lester Hjerdt

Entrance: 18.00
Warm up: 19.00
Showstart: 19.30
End: 21.00


100 SEK

incl. service fee


100 SEK

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