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konsert Göteborg


21 October, 2022



We get an extremely nice visit from three established artists in their genre who are paving the way for the next wave of pop music, there is dancing, emotions and an incredible vibe on our classic Top Floor stage!


First act on stage:

Louis Pax is an indie band from Malmö with several successful song releases behind them. Since 2016, the two brothers and their childhood friends have built an international fanbase through their tours around the world, while maintaining a steady following in Sweden.

During the pandemic, the band has focused on building on its foundation of modern pop with new musical elements, and the last two singles show that the band is sharper than ever. A lot of new music will be released by the Malmö band in the future, but in the meantime Louis Pax can do what they love most - play live on stage!

"This unique band with its wild indie pop sound could very well conquer the world" Indie Music Center, Oct. 2021

Listen to "Bad Things" by Louis Pax here:

Watch "Motion" by Louis Pax here:

Louis Pax on Instagram:


Amanda Mattsson's lyrics are close to everyday life and taken directly from things that feel extra.

She writes about heartbreak, regret and feeling restless. Like influences Veronica Maggio, Sigrid and Holly Humberstone, her songs are wrapped in pop synths and vocals. In her modern pop music, you can also sense elements of soul and r&b.

Amanda debuted in 2021 with the single Skavsår and in the spring of 2022 the EP Tjugofyra sju was released.

Listen to Amanda Mattsson here:

Amanda Mattsson's instagram:

Amanda Mattsson in front of Twenty-Four Seven:

Ida Staake is the artist from Värmland who writes straightforward pop songs about life's ups and downs. The debut single, This is real, was released in 2015 and she has since made a name for herself in the Swedish pop scene with two EPs with a number of singles in the bag. In the spring, the singles "Top of the rock" and "Blekast på beachen"were released, which is a build-up to the upcoming debut album, which will be released later this year.

Oskar on the blog Vakentimmar describes Ida's music:

"What I like most about Ida's music is how she dresses up everyday feelings in her songs. How natural everything sounds. It never sounds contrived, it never sounds as if she limits herself in what she wants to sing. But it feels real and you can tell that the music means something to her. Ida is fantastic at writing about feelings that everyone can relate to, and it's nice that she includes details in the lyrics that deepen them, that make them stand out in the crowd".

With her on stage she has her 5-piece band consisting of Pelle Håkman, Jimmy Sjödén, Marcus Ekroth, Hannes Liljedahl and Johannes Carlsson. Together, they offer pop/rock with sparkling guitars and stylish arrangements that leave no one unmoved.

Listen to Ida Staake here:

Ida Staake on Instagram:


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