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konsert Göteborg


September 9, 2022



Men In Love is an elegant pop duo from Gothenburg consisting of William Källén and David Furbacken. Together they write, record, produce and mix all their music themselves.

Their debut album was released on Valentine's Day this year and has been described by the band members themselves as by far the best album they have released to date.

On stage, the band grows to five members who deliver a seamless blend of 50s doo-wop and 80s synth via 60s psychedelic dreams. But In Love's music sounds like nothing else in Sweden and is best experienced live. Come see them so you can brag to your friends that you saw Men In Love before everyone knew who it was.


Bandage tba

Next gig: 14/9, Badehaus - Berlin


On the Club Stage 22:00
Place Sticky Fingers
entry SEK 150

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