konsert Göteborg


October 7,  2022



Sticky Fingers, be prepared! Four bands will be performing on the Top Floor stage!

Friday, October 7th.

Entrance: 18.00
Age: 18+

is a band built for the live stage, that much is for sure. And with experience stretching across Europe and all the way to Dubai, they have proven that no neck muscle is safe. A pinch of Gothenburg metal, a pinch of Stockholm death, top it off with Northern hardcore and you will find the recipe for success in LEACH.

DOD (feat Björn Strid of SOILWORK)


As They Arrive:
For a long time we have been waiting to return to the Gothenburg scene, and present our latest album "A natural retaliation". The album that was born in the middle of the pandemic that many of us are tired of both hearing and talking about.

As bloodthirsty hard rockers, we promise to deliver what sticky fingers and Gothenburg's metal scene want and deserve this evening - hard music in world class!


Antimere started on the West Coast in 2018 as a solo project, but relatively quickly friends and family were recruited into the act. With roots in Gothenburg death metal, Antimere takes and puts its own modern twist on the classic and acclaimed sound. In the summer of 2021, the album "With Eyes Serene" the follow-up to 2019's debut EP "Into Nothingness" was released.


As we Burn:
As We Burn is a metalcore band that delivers heavy songs with melody and ambience.
As we Burn formed in 2015 and subsequently released their first album "Smile" which has since been followed by several singles over the years and the latest is called "Rain"


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