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November 17, 2022



Mgla, Ulcerate, Sisyphean in Gothenburg

Preliminary times:

19:30 Sisyphean

20:20 Ulcerated

21:30 Misty


Just in time for winter, Polish black metal phenomenon Mgła embarks on a six-week European tour that passes through more than 30 cities. The last time Mgła toured in Scandinavia was in June 2017, but now it's time again. With them are the New Zealand death metal band Ulcerate and Sisyphean from Lithuania.

This will be the last European tour that Mgła does in the wake of "Age of Excuse" (No Solace, 2019). The evening also offers the European premiere of material from Ulcerate's critically acclaimed "Stare into Death and Be Still" (Debemur Morti Productions, 2020). Not only do fans of extreme metal get to experience two contemporary greats in their absolute top form, they also get to witness two of the black and death metal sphere's best drummers.

Sisyphean - atmospheric black metal from Lithuania - present their latest release, "Colours of Faith" which Heavy Blog Is Heavy named one of 2022's "most well-performed and articulate black metal records".

The concert in Gothenburg is presented in collaboration with 333 Company.


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