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Mimikry + support: Professional Againsters

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March 19, 2022


Top Floor


7 pm

On stage

8 pm

Age limit

  18 years

Mimikry is one of Sweden's most popular and most streamed rock and punk acts with over 25 active years in the back and more than 1000 live shows on the neck. The band has over 120,000 unique Spotify listeners per month and people all over the world have streamed Mimikry's songs more than twenty million times.

For the second time, Sweden's most punk rocker has embarked on releasing a single and a video a month. The band played a similar arrangement already in 2017 - 2018. The twelve songs then resulted in the album "Grit" where the cover of Timbuktu's "Everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die" together with Martin Westerstrand (LOK, Little Sister) became a viral hit.

This is followed by the band taking it a step further and also releasing each song on vinyl single. Now all 24 songs + a bonus track are collected on the double CD / double LP "Splitter".

The frustration over the past year can already be seen in the song titles: "I have to get out of here", "You are so fucking stupid in the head", "Planet of the Apes (Covid-19)", "Is it okay if I go out and murder someone tonight, please mom?". The energetic duet with Caroline af Ugglas, "I am someone who destroys" is also a song and video that stands out, as well as the main track "They lie".

Mimicry consists of:
Hjalle Östman - song
Mia Mästerbo - bass / vocals
Anders Brandström - guitar / vocals
Johan Åsberg - guitar
Jonas "Heavy" Stentäpp - drums



Gig times: 
Professional Againsters 8 pm
Mimikry 9 pm

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300 SEK

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