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Puppy Eyes + Le Shinprins 



October 14, 2022



Fifteen years ago, the word pop club and Gothenburg were as synonymous with each other as Corona and restrictions in 2020. hopefully it's once again time for Gothenburg to become one with at least one pop club! ​


Gothenburg still delivers world-class music and Sticky Fingers remains ready to take on a new indie era. ​


What would be better than welcoming a really nice pop club at Sticky Fingers?

Invite your friends to new evenings with really good indie, both live and from the DJ booth. ​


Viva la Shoreline! ​



Puppy Eyes

Puppy Eyes plays psychedelic garage soul. The band embraces the idea that every gig should feel unique.

The songs grow organically and are in constant change. Text and music is woven together in a hypnotic melting pot of big and small emotions, with a focus on both self-examination and self-escape.

Last fall, the band first released the single "One of a Kind" as later followed by the album "Real Talk". Listen here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7CX3gzonwNM6ym1LDQkM3O...


Le Shinprins

This spring, Le Shinprins released his debut Ep "Se dig aldig om / Blicka aldig forward". The band themselves justify the name of the album as follows "the title was chosen as we feel that the phrase encapsulates much of what the songs revolve around. They are about escape, tangled love, anxiety, trips to New York, lies and much more. It is rock music with pop melodies, dressed in punk and performed in Swedish."

Listen here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4MkJLWHPulrPcxApti1EVP...



Lisa Träff & Annika Hjelmberg Expect a dance floor that offers indie pop, Gbgpop, Britpop, Soul, punk and other stuff that will make you want to dance! ​


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