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konsert Göteborg

Spacyween X



November 4, 2022


10 p.m

Hello earthlings! ..\/..

Welcome to a spacy late bass/tech-house Halloween night in the Top Floor at Sticky Fingers.


With these USB Jockeys;

Dave Dinger [Kater Blau, Bachstelzen | Berlin]

Blabla doing blabla in blabla and blabla til blabla, dave dinger decided to blabla after thinking and listening a lot to blabla. bachstelzen blabla, bar25 (bla25) and katerholzig made him almost blabla. blabla at fusion festival since blabla seems to be blabla, but blabla for garbicz festival blabla created even more blabla. being blabla in katerblau is also quite blabla. blabla, blabla and blabla are very blabla. since blabla is not only a blabla but also a blabla, getting blabla from blabla makes blabla more blabla. this is not only blabla. this is the only blabla. let there be blabla!

Fabian Tanz [Tanz Oaze | Stockholm]

Stockholm’s super viber invites for some proper elevating and melodious tunes when he ignites the dancefloor with his deep and playful music . Tanz encapsules such a mysterious and enigmatic energy that affects all creatures floating to his hypnotizing groove.

Christian Séance b2b Fia Fomo [Fragmentum, House of Ursa]

The resident Navigatör & Co-Pilot duo of House of Ursa are ready to rock your world!

Come in peace, as you are, as you were, as you will be - in any way you choose or feel free to go all in on the Space Halloween theme - very much encouraged!

Intergalactic Lights by: _________

Deco by Amanda & Sonia.

* T I C K E T Z *

Y'all get rrrrrready for thiz, untz untz!

/// Christian Séance



Standard General: SEK 222

First Class: SEK 333

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