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February 4, 2023



Born in Borlänge out of the sewers of the plague, Synvilla is the now Gothenburg-based thunder quartet that creates 70s-inspired psychedelic hard rock with playful, sneaky and proggy tones. They combine texts in Swedish woven into mystery, sharp humor and socially critical elements with heavy and swinging riffs that are felt right down to the bone marrow.

On the second of September the debut single *Marinera din själ" was released and on the 7th of October the band's second single *Karina med kniven" was released, taken from the upcoming debut album "Långkok å Snabbkaffe" which will be released in January 2023. An album that deals with everything from everyday nonsense, social criticism and human brain ghosts.

all with a humorously subtle and often dark undertone. All accompanied by a unique sound that has been missing from the Swedish music map.

With inspiration from Black Sabbath, Witchcraft, The Slits, Dungen and Goat, Synvilla cross-fertilizes stoner rock with trippy punk elements in a psychedelic mouthpiece. A suitable combination of messy and tidy, dirty and clean and a moderate balance of naughty and nice.

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From the darkness of the old forest, under boulders and bog, they emerge: DRÖÖG. With drum and song they knock on the rock. With melodies that blow like rock powder and a rhythm that sets the big tree in motion.

At the edge of the stage, they rush and hit you. Leaving you in the crater.

The rock band from Falun manages the musical heritage from the 70s and draws inspiration from Doom, Stoner and Psych, without digging into the groove. The self-titled debut that sings our folk tale is released by Majestic Mountain Records (SWE) and also through Evil Noise Recordings (NOR).

So turn on, wind up and reload. No barrages here!

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This is a hard rock band from Dalarna that mixes fast tempos with swinging heavy rock. You will be met by a steady mix of everything from punk indie rock to the absolute heaviest you've ever heard. Klotty are young, heavy, fast and stupid.

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