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Heavy Metal Night! Evil, Stormdeath & Aerodyne!_edited.jpg
konsert Göteborg


25 november, 2022


19.30 - 22.30


18 år

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Evil gör sitt första gig i Sverige någonsin!


Evil is a Heavy Metal band from Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded in the early 80’s.
The music was inspired by NWOBHM and in 1984, they released the now legendary mini LP “EVILS MESSAGE” on the Dutch label Rave On Records.

The same label that released the very first MERCYFUL FATE EP “NUNS HAVE NO FUN”. The original band members split up in the mid 80’s but was later continued by original drummer Freddie Wolf, who released “Shoot the Messenger” in 2015, on Mighty Music, continuing his rhythmic skills, now on guitar.

Evil is now reborn by joining members: Martin Steene, vocals. Henrik Molin, drums. Jakob Haugaard, bass and Nikolaj Ihlemann, guitar, continuing the original inspirations of bands like Judas Priest and Accept, to name a few.
In its current re-vitalized form, Evil released their second full-length "BOOK OF EVIL" on From The Vaults, in late May 2022.

The album was recorded at Hellfire Studio, Copenhagen
and Antfarm Studio, Aarhus. Mixed and co-produced by renowned metal producer Tue Madsen.
“We have made the new material in the spirit of the 80’s but with a modern metal state of mind” says Freddie Wolf.

The band is now ready to take back a leading role among Old School Metal bands.

Evil is coming!

Evil - Evil Never Dies (Official Lyric Video)

Evil - Divine Conspiracy (Official Lyric Video)

Evil - Future Denied


Stormdeath is a thrashing heavy metal band from the plague-ridden island of Hisingen in Goatenburg, Sweden. The band have been delivering their goods for more than a decade now, constantly trying to push the boundaries of metal further and further but still always remaining loyal in their service to the metal godz of old. Call of the Panzer Goat is Stormdeath’s long-awaited second album and was finally unleashed upon mankind in late 2021!




AERODYNE, hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden is a competent and uprising old school heavy metal band, seasoned with
elements of speed/thrash metal and melodic influences put together in a unique way that makes the band stand out
from today’s ever-growing 80’s nostalgia scene. This aggressive main course is served with energetic live shows
that are second to none!
Formed in early 2016, Aerodyne quickly got signed with Street Symphonies Records. The debut
album "Breaking Free" was released in December 2017 and sold out in just 3 weeks after great reviews (84% in Burrn
Magazine among others).
After some line-up changes they begun to work on the second album called "Damnation" which was released in 2019 via
Rock of Angels Records. The album recieved great reviews from all around Europe (8/10 in Sweden Rock
Magazine among others).
Duriong the pandemic the band wrote and recorded their third album "Last Days of Sodom" which was released on April
22nd 2022 with simular reviews from all around Europe. After spending much time on the road around Europe they are
more then ready to return to the stage in Gothenburg! So join them in one high-speed, high-energy, headbaning
night at Sticky Fingers!

AERODYNE - "Razor's Edge" (Official Video) - YouTube

AERODYNE - "Kick It Down" (Official Music Video) - YouTube

AERODYNE - "Dust To Dust" (Official Video) - YouTube


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