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11 februari,





KOSMIK BOOGIE TRIBE is an Norwegian band from Oslo and a flat out guitar rock band with deep roots in the 70s tradition of Oz legends such as Rose Tattoo, The Saints and Perth band Victims.

KBT also embrace southern fried boogie, yes, those bearded blokes with the clean cut one on drums who’s name is Beard.

And of course Lobby L, Top Dollar, Eklow, Malcolm, Scabies, B James, Harper, Handsome Dick and C Chrome’s legacy all has made an immense impact on how KBT’s three album releases turned out musically.

Balls Bullets And Blues 2012, Suck More Piss 2015, We’re Not Here To Fuck Spiders 2018 and Let's Rock The Fuck Out!!! Vol 2, 2022






The electrically charged quartet Åskväder from Gothenburg creates rumbling storms through their rock music.


The sound is described as a well-balanced refresh of the Scandinavian rock sound from the 90s seasoned with fast-paced riffs drenched in bluesy licks and catchy choruses. Åskväder also offers a thundering drum and bass groove topped with stylish vocals.

The name of the band gives a clear picture of the music Askväder fronts, no fuss just honest rock n roll. Åskväder has clear influences from the legends of our time such as The Hellacopters and Turbonegro but still manages to stick to their own style and thus creates a new type of rock for a new decade. Åskväder released their debut EP Quick Fixes in 2018 and in 2020 their self-titled debut full-length was released via The Sign Records. The second full-length, Fenix, will be released in 2022. The new album takes Åskväder's sound to a whole new level compared to the debut when a goal for the album was to capture the mood and soundscape of the coveted live performances. Look out for Åskväder releasing their second album via The Sign Records in March 2022.





Velveteen Queen is a new young rock band that started in 2021 and is based in Gothenburg with their roots in 70's and 80's rock music. On March 21, 2022, they released their debut single "TRAUMA" and on may 25 they released single #2 "LAST SENSATION"

The band consists of Lukas Axx - Guitar, Samuel Nilsson - Vocals, Elias Knutsson - Bass, Isac Borg - Drums, Noah Mårdh - Guitar.

The band started in 2021 and is currently recording their debut album in Top Floor Studios in Gothenburg together with producer Jakob Herrman who has worked with, among others (Anthrax, In Flames, Machine Head, Amaranthe, Danko Jones, Evergrey, Mustasch, Hurula , Heat m.fl).

Since the band released their debut single in March 2022, they have already managed to perform several concerts, been support-act to Hardcore Superstar and they did 2 shows at Sweden Rock Festival.

Jakob Herrman (Top Floor Studios) about Velveteen Queen. " Velveteen Queen really has a future ahead of it. Young, hungry, talented and hardworking. I am completely floored by both their energy and the quality of the songs. Really looking forward to seeing Velveteen Queen on the big stages in the near future! ”

Velveteen Queens first release indeed builds on the band’s output to date, with great songwriting that plays up their strengths: sexy, bluesy, nasty 80´s rock’n’roll, melodic hard rock, and soulful 70s blues-rock.



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